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Our Philosophy

At LifePointe Financial Planning, we utilize a dynamic approach, understanding your unique goals, needs, and preferences, to ensure we bring clarity and direction to your financial plans.

Our philosophy is simple. As our client, you are like family- we are committed to your well-being and relationship supersedes transaction, always. Our connection with you and your family is a lasting partnership and goes beyond financial transactions, with a genuine desire to see you succeed in all aspects of life.

We are here to grow and adapt through all of life's transitions with you. Wherever you are in this journey called life, we would like to meet you there. Equipped with compassion, knowledge, connection, and expertise, LifePointe Financial Planning truly is where wealth is built on a foundation of purpose and passion.

PLAN together

Partnered with a local CPA Firm, together we provide a cohesive approach to investment management, income tax strategy, insurance needs, and estate planning. Our clients appreciate being able to fully see how each financial decision impacts another, and how every decision can be made for their benefit.

With a CFP® professional handling your investments, managing your estate, and working with you to build overall wealth, our CPA primarily focuses on making strategic tax moves that correlate to your overarching financial plan. With the combined professional input of each area, you can be assured that your complete financial picture is being understood.

our focus is on you